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BEAUTYUnwrapped   began at the beginning of 2018 when I wanted to share the knowledge that I was learning from the research I was doing to discover what plastic-free alternative cosmetics were out there. I found it so difficult and time-consuming to find UK based companies who sold a wide variety of products so that I didn’t have to order from multiple places which would increase the carbon footprint. Being able to provide this plastic-free shop is something I wish I had available to me at the beginning of my journey to use plastic alternatives.


It has been my mission to cut back plastic from the products that I use and the packaging they are delivered in, which is why all of the products I provide are completely free of plastic. The companies I stock these products from are just as passionate about this and I receive this plastic-free.


The environment is such a special diverse and outstanding place and to prevent plastic pollution and unnecessary waste is so important. I believe that we should be able to enjoy the natural benefits of the environment without sacrificing its beauty.